Emily Suglia

I'm currently a junior at Nashoba. I love to ski, snowboard, and play tennis. I'm an EMT and I enjoy helping the community. Go Stow;)!

Anna Walsh

I'm a junior at Nashoba and play soccer and basketball. I love being outside, being with kids, and volunteering for the Nashoba Unified sports program.

Kelsie Zeliff

I am a junior at Nashoba, where I play varsity tennis and enjoy many other activities. In my free time I love playing sports, coaching a youth soccer team, and being with friends.

Jessica Miller

I am a junior at Nashoba and play varsity soccer and softball. I love being with my friends, being outside, and doing community service.

Bret Perisho

I am a junior at Nashoba. I enjoy playing soccer and do my best in school. I love to ski, and spend a lot of time outdoors. I am an active member of the community and am always trying new things!

Nick Tepper

Brittany Joseph

Sammy Gjeltema

Ben Hurley

Kelly Poole

Elena Reverdy

Meghan Thorogood

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